A 9 billion device, US$14 trillion industry: here's how Atrim is staking its claim in the Internet of Things in 2014.

Having crafted Z-Wave devices since the wireless home automation technology was in its infancy, Atrim returns to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today to highlight its interpretation of the future of the smart home and the Internet of Things. And it does so at a time when the Internet of Things’ technologies are experiencing their biggest growth surge to date.

The past year was the huge for the Internet of Things (IoT). More than a buzz-phrase and now an accepted market segment, the IoT market was recently projected by BI Intelligence to encompass over 9 billion globally connected devices by 2018. That figure stands today at 1.9 billion connected devices.

Using 2014’s CES as a platform, Atrim will this week highlight 2 technologies it has most recently developed for the the home control of the IoT market. These include;

  1. Atrim Stick - available to partners for rebranding, Atrim Stick enables the creation of IoT gateways powered by Z-Wave 500 series
  2. Atrim Door Sensor - also utilising 500 series Z-Wave, Atrim’s interpretation of door / window sensor technology is the first to offer a greater-than 5 year battery life while using the full suite of Z-Wave security technologies

These two new technologies come on the back of a very successful 2013 for Atrim. Over the past year the company near-on doubled the range of Z-Wave products it offers to partners for rebranding. Atrim products address the IoT’s demand for a market-ready, high-quality selection of Z-Wave devices and accessories that can be incorporated into an established brand’s IoT offering. Each of these products has been designed to cater to a different segment of the IoT market and, acknowledging the global expansion and niche applications of that same market, are made available by Aeotec in different configurations for different countries. Each can be purchased through the company’s white-labelling and OEM services.

Atrim’s products and OEM services are part of the company’s pitch to the home and construction segment of the broader IoT industry, an industry which was recently projected as being worth US$14 trillion to the global economy by 2020 (Cisco) and as adding as much as US$6.2 trillion alone to the US economy by 2025 (McKinsey Global Institute).