Atrim Stick: new generation of Z-Wave technology launching soon.

It has long been the most used tool for creating a Z-Wave gateway. It has been used as a development tool by professionals creating commercial gateways. And it has been implemented by end-users looking to build their own, personal vision of a smart home.

Hundreds of thousands of smart homes are already powered by the architecture of Atrim Stick. This week, we’ve announced an upgraded model to cement Atrim Stick’s place at the centre of smart homes.

Scheduled to ship in Q3 to Atrim’s B2B partners, this new edition combines both hardware and firmware upgrades to Atrim’s existing technology stack;

  • Z-Wave 800 series
  • Z-Wave Long Range 2
  • An improved wireless in relay mode with a 50% increase in Stick’s wireless range in an open space

To find out about commercial opportunities globally, contact Atrim.