Intelligent automation. From door to door.

Atrim Z-Wave Door Sensor Atrim Z-Wave Door Sensor

Stick a small sensor on any door or window frame and instantly upgrade your smart home with powerful intelligence and security.

Security from door to door. Monitor any door or window and use Atrim Door Sensor to secure your home, loved ones, and property.

Receive notifications that a door has been opened when you’re out or that it is open when you’re leaving home.

Activate cameras and set them to record or stream whenever a door is used.

Trigger security alarms if your security system is armed and a door is opened.

Intelligence from door to door. It’s not just for safety - install it on any entranceway, pathway, door or window and Atrim Door Sensor can help automate and enhance your home.

800 series Z-Wave door sensor 800 series Z-Wave door sensor

Open a door and lights turn on.

Open a window and air conditioning turns off.

Whether you’re looking to control anything from air to ambiance, xxx to xxx, Atrim Door Sensor can unobtrusively monitor the use of doors and windows.

Atrim Door Sensor is compatible with certified Z-Wave systems including Atrim Stick, Home Assistant, and SmartThings.

Stick and secure. Atrim Door Sensor's tiny size and multiple installation methods means you'll have it up and automating in no time.

Screw it or stick it. Installable in only moments, Atrim Door Sensor can be mounted to any door or window using as little as the provided double-sided tape. For more permanent installations, screws are provided.

Mind the gap by installing it on any two objects that separate. Whether a door or a drawer, a wardrobe or a window, Atrim Door Sensor’s two parts can be installed up to X millimetres away from each other.

Degrees of separation between Atrim Door Sensor's two parts have to reach only X° on tilting windows, or Xmm on physically separating objects, for its automation and alarm technology to activate.


Speedy and secure. With its unique combination of cutting-edge automation technology and engineering know-how, Atrim Door Sensor is the fastest performing and the most secure door sensor.

Instant automation is made possible through Atrim Door Sensor's use of Z-Wave Plus, 800 series technology. With 200% more processing power and RAM, Atrim Door Sensor offers immediate performance. Learn more
Doors, near and far, can be used with Atrim Door Sensor. It now communicates 150% further with wireless signals reaching up to 401 metres (1,316') indoors and up to 2.4km (1.5 miles) outdoors when used in Long Range mode. Learn more
Battery performance isn't impacted by speed and security improvements. Now using XX% less power, Atrim Door Sensor runs for years between battery changes. And it does so on only 2x AAA batteries. Learn more

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  • Hub compatible with Z-Wave (e.g. Atrim Stick)
  • Software compatible with Z-Wave (e.g. Home Assistant)

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