Expanding the standard's smart home domination, 800 series is the latest available edition of Z-Wave Plus. But what makes it better? And is it the version of Z-Wave that you should invest in?

800 series z-wave

Z-Wave 800 series: what makes it better?

You’ll see from the generational comparison that there are a lot improvements in 800 series, Z-Wave technology. Each helps make it the best version of Z-Wave yet. All the technology and speed improvements come together to offer improved functionality and reliability in these 4 areas.

Fastest automation

800 series calculates the quickest and acts the quickest. Its powered with 200% more CPU and memory power verrsus last-gen Z-Wave, and 400% more memory power than 500 series Z-Wave.

Ultra-low power use

Wireless communication now uses 50% less power than last-gen Z-Wave, and a XXX less than 500 series Z-Wave. That can see basic sensors run for up to 10 years on a single single coin-cell battery.

Huge wireless range

With 800 series, Z-Wave is finally suitable for outdoors. In Long Range mode, devices can communicate 150% further, now reaching a distance as great as 1.5 miles / 2.4 kilometres.

New security layers

Built with S2 embedded, Z-Wave 800 series has AES 128-bit communication encryption, ECDH key exchange, UL 1023 compliance, and, for the first time, an optional, Secure Vault layer offering Z-Wave devices as many as 14 separate security technologies.

Z-Wave 800 series: what you need to know

Available from 2022, 800 series Z-Wave does what all past version of Z-Wave has done: it powers smart home products, wirelessly and securely. But, because it's a wholly new version of Z-Wave, it aims to allow makers such as Atrim to build better deviecs with stronger security, greater wireless ranges and speeds, and with greatly improved power-use performance.

How does 800 series compare to older Z-Wave versions?

Which version of Z-Wave should I use?

If a device isn't Z-Wave Plus do not buy it. That leaves you with 3, Z-Wave Plus versions to consider: 500 series, 700 series, and 800 series. Do not buy any 500 series / Gen5 devices — they're end of life and makers no longer issue proper bug and security updates. Only consider 700 series and 800 series Z-Wave products and only purchase 800 series wherever possible.

What is the wireless range of Z-Wave 800 series?

800 series Z-Wave can wirelessly communicate over a distance as great as 1.5 miles / 2.4 kilometres. That's when it's operating in Long Range mode. When it operates in mesh mode, it can communicate over a distance as 0.25 miles / 401 metres. Compared to 700 series Z-Wave, that's an upgrade of 150% in Long Range mode and 175% in mesh mode.

Are Z-Wave 800 series hubs / gateways available?

Z-Wave hubs and gateways using 800 series aren't availabe - yet. But Atrim is presently engineering just that solution.