Z-Wave is better with 800 series.

Expanding the standard's smart home domination, 800 series is the latest available edition of Z-Wave Plus. But what makes it better? And is it the version of Z-Wave that you should invest in?

800 series z-wave

Z-Wave 800 series: what makes it better?

You'll see from 800 vs. 700 series Z-Wave comparison that there are a lot improvements in 800 series technology. Each helps make it the best version of Z-Wave yet. All the technology and speed improvements come together to offer improved functionality and reliability in these 4 areas.

Fastest automation

800 series calculates the quickest and acts the quickest. Its powered with 200% more CPU and memory power versus last-gen Z-Wave, and 400% more memory power than 500 series Z-Wave.

Ultra-low power use

Versus last-generation Z-Wave, wireless communication now uses up to 42% less power to transmit and up to 600% less power to receive. All that adds up to a 50% longer battery life which can see basic sensors run for up to 10 years on a single coin-cell battery.

Huge wireless range

With 800 series, Z-Wave offers a 50% increase in wireless range and is finally suitable for outdoors. In Long Range mode, devices can now reaching a distance as great as 1.5 miles / 2.4 kilometres.

New security layers

Built with S2 embedded, Z-Wave 800 series has AES 128-bit communication encryption, ECDH key exchange, UL 1023 compliance, and, for the first time, an optional, Secure Vault layer offering Z-Wave devices as many as 14 separate security technologies.

Z-Wave 800 series products

Atrim was the first company to release products with the release of Atrim Stick in 2022. Subscribe to our alert service if you'd like to keep abreast of Atrim's upcoming product releases.

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Z-Wave 800 series: what you need to know

Z-Wave 800 series does what all past version of Z-Wave have promised: it powers smart home products, wirelessly and securely. But, because it's a wholly new version of Z-Wave, it aims to allow makers such as Atrim to build better deviecs with stronger security, greater wireless ranges and speeds, and with greatly improved power-use performance.

How does 800 series compare to older Z-Wave versions?

Z-Wave 800 series can use up to 600% less battery life and communicate 50% further tham previous, 700 series Z-Wave technology. You can find a detailed comparison of Z-Wave 800 series and 700 series at that link.

Which version of Z-Wave should I use?

If a device isn't Z-Wave Plus do not buy it. That leaves you with 3, Z-Wave Plus versions to consider: 500 series, 700 series, and 800 series. Do not buy any 500 series / Gen5 devices — they're end of life and makers no longer issue proper bug and security updates. Only consider 700 series and 800 series Z-Wave products and only purchase 800 series wherever possible.

What is the wireless range of Z-Wave 800 series?

800 series Z-Wave can wirelessly communicate over a distance as great as 1.5 miles / 2.4 kilometres. That's when it's operating in Long Range mode. When it operates in mesh mode, it can communicate over a distance up to 0.25 miles / 401 metres. Compared to 700 series Z-Wave, that's an upgrade of +50% in Long Range mode and +75% in mesh mode.

Are Z-Wave 800 series hubs / gateways available?

The first 800 series gateway is available as a DIY, privately-hosted solution: Atrim Stick.

What frequencies does 800 series Z-Wave use?

Like its predecessors, 800 series Z-Wave uses slightly different frequencies in various countries and regions. We've compiled a full list of Z-Wave frequencies by country at that link.