Using Z-Wave indoors has long been both easy and reliable. With its long range and star networking capabilities, Z-Wave moves from inside to outdoors. And then some.

Z-Wave long range

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Long Range by the numbers

Three numbers help make Z-Wave's long range mode amongst the most advanced networking systems for smart home and and other IoT systems.

Length matters. Z-Wave Plus 800 series offers a maxmimum wireless range of 2,410 metres / 1.5 miles when operating in long range mode.

Lots of range, lots of devices. Long Range compatible networks can include >17x more Z-Wave devices: up to 4,000 in total.

10 yrs
Long range, long life. Despite their 1.5 mile range, Z-Wave Long Range devices still can run for up to 10 years on a single coin-cell battery.

Z-Wave: Long Range vs. Relay

Z-Wave systems running an 800 series Stick or gateway offer 2 different modes of networking ‐ star and relay. Both terms describe the topology of the network.

Star networking powers Z-Wave Long Range communication. With it, Atrim Stick or a gateway is the central controller. All other devices speak directly to it but they do not speak to each other. A maximum range of 2,410 metres / 1.5 miles can be achieved between the central controller and Z-Wave devices in the network.

Relay networking offers a shorter device-to-device wireless range. With it, Atrim Stick or a gateway is still the central controller. However, all other devices can speak directly to 2 other, close-by devices without communicating with the controller first. A maximum wireless range of 401 metres / 0.25 miles can be achieved between individual devices.

The following table compares the 2 networking modes: star (using 800 series Long Range) and relay (using 800 series Z-Wave Plus V2 and 500 series Z-Wave Plus V1).

 Z-Wave LR800 series500 series
Best forOutdoors, MDU, hotel, office, commercialIndoorsIndoors
TechnologyZ-Wave PlusZ-Wave PlusZ-Wave Plus
Z-Wave Plus V2YesYesNo, V1
Max. battery life10 years10 years1.5 years
Operating temperature-40 to 125°C-40 to 125°C-15 to 85°C
Security 2 (S2)YesYesOptional
AvailableNorth America onlyGlobalGlobal
NetworkingLong RangeRelayRelay
Network DiagramStarRelay / HopRelay / Hop
RoutingSupportedNot supportedNot supported
Max. relay hopsN/A44
Max. network size4,000 devices232 devices232 devices
IP versionYesYesOptional
Available IPIPv6IPv4IPv4
Max. wireless range2,410 metres
1.5 miles
401 metres
1,315 feet
400 metres
1,315 feet
PHY speed100 kbps9.6/40/100kbps9.6/40/100kbps
PHY frequency912/920MHz908.42/916MHz908.42/916MHz
PHY max output power+30dBm-1 dBm-1 dBm
PHY output power: dynamic controlYesNoNo
MAC frames1000ms
Single, multi, broadcast, beams
100ms fragmented
Single, multi, broadcast, beams
100ms fragmented
Single, multi, broadcast, beams
MAC address space32 bit Home Id, 12 bit Node Id32 bit Home Id, 8 bit Node Id32 bit Home Id, 8 bit Node Id
Range sensitivity (RX)TBD-97.5dBm-103dBm with SAW filter