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A truly smart home requires accurate data. OmniSensor lets it flow.

Z-Wave 800 series multisensor Z-Wave 800 series multisensor
Z-Wave 800 series multisensor Z-Wave 800 series multisensor
Motion sensor
Temperature sensor
Light sensor

To have a smart smart home your automation controller needs accurate data. Without it, you have a scheduled home but not one that's responsive to your needs. A Z-Wave multi-sensor, OmniSensor isn't just a smart sensor but an essential one.

4 different sensors are crafted into OmniSensor's perfectly sized finish. 4 sensors which accurately analyse the data your Z-Wave system depends on to manage intelligent and responsive automations. A motion sensor monitors when a room is being used, a temperature sensor better manages heating and cooling systems, and a light intensity sensor empowers lighting and shading automation.

Z-Wave Plus, 800 series enabled
4-in-1 multisensor
2 years' battery life
Z-Wave long range Z-Wave Long Range enabled
Build powerful automations

Intelligently automate your home with OmniSensor's four most-powerful features.

Motion for security, presence, and management.

With detection spanning 10 metres of vision and a 120° field of view, OmniSensor captures motion data that can be used for everything from smart security to HVAC management and on to lighting automation. The sensitivity of its motion detection can be fine tuned as can the immediacy or frequency of its alerts.

Keep a room's temperature absolutely perfect.

With a range between -10°C and 50°C (14°F and 122°F), OmniSensor analyses temperature data and can adjust your HVAC system or motorised shades, shutters, and curtains for perfect comfort without maximum spend. Plus, its motion and temperature sensors work together and can ensure that your HVAC system only runs when people are present, maximising efficiency and convenience.

Perfected automation of connected lighting.

With an accurate and huge ambient light sensor range between 0 and 30,000 lux, OmniSensor can provide data to provide the perfect lighting. Dim lights to the perfect brightness as the sky darkens each evening or ensure bathroom lights are never too bright for those mid-night visits. Your lighting will always be perfect.

Tamper tantrum.

Equipped with a digital accelerometer, OmniSensor is capable of detecting even the slightest bump, tilt, shake or repositioning of the sensor. When might that occur? When someone's repositioning OmniSensor in order to weaken its use as an automation or security sensor. Then OmniSensor's accelerometer will immediately alert you to any unauthorised activity or potential security breaches.

Refine intelligent automations

Easy, DIY installation where you need. Focus it where you need. Customise it as you need. OmniSensor delivers personalised accuracy in automation.

Z-Wave 800 series motion sensor on a shelf Z-Wave 800 series motion sensor on a shelf
On a shelf or sill
Z-Wave 800 series room sensor installed in a room corner Z-Wave 800 series room sensor installed in a room corner
In a corner
Z-Wave 800 series multisensor installed upon a wall Z-Wave 800 series multisensor installed upon a wall
On a wall

Just the spot.

At only 1.7 inches in size, OmniSensor is crafted to be discreetly installed wherever it's most needed. Shipping with a magnetic mount which allows OmniSensor to be installed on a wall, shelf or ceiling, the mount allows a complete frontal rotation of OmniSensor and a 330° angling of its field-of-view.

OmniSensor magnetic base OmniSensor magnetic base
OmniSensor attached to its mounting arm OmniSensor attached to its mounting arm
OmniSensor angled with its mounting base OmniSensor angled with its mounting base

Atrim OmniSensor's performance doesn't just come down to its 4 sensors or the ability to direct its focus precisely where you need it. With Z-Wave Plus v2 inside and over 25 advanced customisations available, OmniSensor can accurately automate your home to be precisely how you like it.

Next-gen smarts Automation with next-generation technology ‐ Z-Wave 800 series. Learn more

Engineered with Z-Wave Plus 800 series inside, Atrim OmniSensor now has 2x more memory and processing power, enabling intelligent automations to be calculated at the quickest speed ever offered in a Z-Wave multi-sensor. And, even though built on the latest generation, it's still compatible with Z-Wave gateways using older versions of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus.

Small size, huge range Wireless Z-Wave communication range can be greater than 1 mile. Learn more

It doesn't just measure over 32 feet, but can wirelessly communicate over a range greater than 1 mile. OmniSensor offers both relay and Long Range Z-Wave modes. In relay mode it can communicate over a range as great as 492 feet / 150 metres; in long range mode it can surpass a mile. Even at that range, your data and measurements remain secured.

Secure sensor Data is encrypted and secured through 3 separate technology layers. Learn more

Data collected by OmniSensor is first secured through 3 separate layers of S2-grade security. It's then AES-128 bit encrypted and shared only with your Z-Wave network, whose identity is authenticated through ECDH key exchange. All data can be stored and processed locally when OmniSensor is connected to a locally hosted smart home hub.

Speedy setup Can connect to an automation controller by scanning its QR code. Learn more

Connect and setup in moments. If your Z-Wave app or software supports the Z-Wave SmartStart standard you can connect OmniSensor to it in seconds simply by scanning its QR code. As easy as that, OmniSensor will be connected, all its security features will be enabled and active, and its data readings will be ready to include in automations and schedules.

Atrim OmniSensor is presently available and shipping within Canada and United States. Click the link below to visit our official reseller.

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  • Hub compatible with Z-Wave (e.g. Atrim Stick with Home Assistant or SmartThings)
Atrim OmniSensor packaging Atrim OmniSensor packaging