Your own smart home. Cloud free. Subscription free. Fully private. And running locally.

Atrim Z Wave Stick Atrim Z Wave Stick

Your home shouldn't be in the cloud. Smart electronics should run locally, privately, and continue to work even when the Internet goes down. Run your smart home locally, privately, and cloud-free. And it shouldn’t depend on it. Automate your home locally, privately, and cloud-free. Atrim Stick lets you create your own automation hub and connect thousands of devices to it.

Automation that sticks. A private and secure automation system begins with Atrim Stick. It can manage your home’s lighting, HVAC, environment, security, safety, and just about anything that’s electronic. Built with Z-Wave Plus, the most advanced automation engine, Atrim Stick is securely compatible with over 4,000 different products. Each can be used to customise and automate your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

Z-Wave Plus enabled 4,000+ compatible devices

Engineered as a USB adaptor, setting up Atrim Stick involves plugging it into a computer and installing software. You can use it with an existing computer or a dedicated Raspberry Pi, and with Mac, Windows or Linux. You can use it with a wide range of software, including open-source and commercial options. And, because it’s running locally, you can extend your automation software beyond Z-Wave, connecting and automating thousands of other devices and platforms to the software including Alexa, IKEA Trådfri, Philips Hue, Sonos, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee.

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Z-Stick 8, 800 series, Gen8 Z-Stick 8, 800 series, Gen8

Superpowered smarts

It's crafted with cutting-edge automation technology ‐ and it's future-proofed with it too. It's also been engineered with more than a decade's worth of gateway and Z-Wave stick know-how. All that comes together to make Atrim Stick the superpowered centre for your smart home.

Next-gen smarts Uses next generation automation technology ‐ Z-Wave 800 series. Learn more

Engineered with Z-Wave Plus 800 series inside, Atrim Stick now has 200% more memory and processing power giving it the quickest automation ever offered in a Z-Wave stick. And, even though it's next-gen focussed, it's still backwards compatible with Gen5, 500 and 700 series, and gen 7 Z-Wave products.

Completely compatible Connect up to 4,000 devices from a full range of 4,000+ Z-Wave devices. Learn more

Over 4,000 different Z-Wave products have been certified and released by Z-Wave makers; Atrim Stick is compatible with all of them. And it can be used to manage as many as 4,000 separate devices at once in Long Range mode (North America only) or 232 separate devices in Relay mode.

Secure communication Secured by 3 layers of S2-certified encryption. Learn more

Security enhances between start and send. Wireless automation between Atrim Stick and connected Z-Wave devices is secured through 3 separate layers of S2-grade security. Wireless communication is AES-128 bit encrypted and the presence of connected devices is authenticated through ECDH key exchange to prevent rogue device injection.

Size does matter Can wirelessly communicate with devices up to 1.5 miles away. Learn more

Too small and it’s ineffective. Optimised for maximum performance, Atrim Stick’s 22x57mm (.9x2.2") dimensions allow it communicate over a massive 1 mile radius in Long Range mode. Indoor communication is also improved with Atrim Stick now able to communicate up to 150 metres / 492' across a home in Relay mode - 50% further than last-generation.

Quick smarts Connect new devices in seconds by scanning their SmartStart, QR code. Learn more

Creating your own smart home isn't difficult. Atrim Stick is compatible with SmartStart, QR code technology. When used with a compatible app, you can scan or enter SmartStart codes found on 500, 700, and 800 series Z-Wave devices and connect them to Atrim Stick in mere seconds.

Cloud free Can be setup to run automations locally and without cloud processing. Learn more

When the cloud goes down, so do most home automation systems. Your home shouldn't go down. Atrim Stick lets you have a smart home without the cloud control and thid-party data processing. Using compatible software, you can build a smart home with local processing, helping to prevent down-time due to Internet and cloud outages.

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  • Compatible computer platform (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • Software compatible with Z-Wave (e.g. Home Assistant)

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