Free entry tickets for CES 2020.

Do you want to attend CES in Las Vegas, save $$$$ on the cost of entry, and get an in-depth look at the future of the smart home in the guise of Matter, Z-Wave, and Zigbee? Atrim can help.

As one of the leading developers of Z-Wave and IoT automation solutions attenting CES this January, Atrim has multiple CES entry tickets to give away free to companies looking to explore the smart home area of CES. You’ll get to see our portfolio of 40+ IoT devices and, when you’re done meeting our team, tour other smart home focussed developers. With any luck, you’ll also leave CES thinking to yourself “Those folks at Atrim really have it nailed it, their competition - hah - not so much.”

If you’d like to book a meeting and request a free entry pass into CES 2020, please visit our contact page and let your Atrim BD partner know. We’ll get in touch to book in a meeting time with the appropriate team member and arrange your free pass.