It's the latest but is it the greatest? How does 800 series Z-Wave compare versus the 700 series Z-Wave standard?

800 series z-wave

You'll see from the comparison below that there are a lot of advantages that the 800 series edition of Z-Wave has over its immediate predecessors.

700 series compared to older Z-Wave

While it's reached the end of its lifecycle, you may still be interested in comparing 700 series 500 series Z-Wave and other older versions of the standard. But beware: now that it's reached end of life, security patches and long-term support are unlikely to be available.

800 series versus 700 series

Generation after generation, Z-Wave continues to develop at an exciting (but measured) pace. First there was Z-Wave, then came a major upgrade with Z-Wave Plus and 500 series. Z-Wave's 700 series has built on all that offering major advantages over older versions of Z-Wave.

The following comparison table details any advantages that Z-Wave Plus 700 series has over the older 300 and 500 standards.

 700 series800 series
Version Lifecycle
Z-Wave PlusYesYes
Z-Wave Plus V2YesYes
ReleasedApril 2019May 2022
End of life
Limited support and security patches available
Z-Wave Specific Features
Backwards compatibilityYes, 100 to 500 seriesYes, 100 to 700 series
Backup compatibleYesYes
Network Wide InclusionYes
Explorer FramesYes
Advanced route diversity calculationYes
Flirs (Beaming wake-up)YesYes
OTA Z-Wave firmware updatesYesYes
Wireless Performance
Max. wireless range (Relay)228 metres
748 feet
401 metres
1,316 feet
Long Range (LR) mode
North American products only
Max. wireless range (LR)1.6 kilometres
1 mile
2.4 kilometres
1.5 miles
Output power DBM (TX)up to 13 dBmup to 14 dBm in Relay mode
up to 20 dBm in Long Range mode
Range sensitivity (RX)-97.9 dBm-108.8 dBm
Wireless speed9.6 / 40 / 100 kbit(s)9.6 / 40 / 100 kbit(s)
Hardware Platform
CPU / MCU32-bit ARM® Cortex M432-bit ARM® Cortex M33
CPU / MCU Speed39 MHz78 MHz
RAM32 kB64 kB
Flash Memory256 kB512 kB
SAW FilterInbuilt
Number of GPIO pins932
Operating ambient temperature-40 to 85°C-40 to 125°C
Chipset dimensions (mm)9 x 96.5 x 6.5
Wireless Security
Network keyYesYes
AES-128 bit encryptionYesYes
Security 2YesYes
Secure VaultNoOptional
Man-in-the-middle attack preventionYesYes
Power Use
Operating voltage1.8 to 3.8 V1.8 to 3.8 V
Active power consumption12.5 mA
Max. power consumption75 mA
Sleep-mode power consumption1 ㎂
Tx Current @ 0 dBm13.3 mA10.7 mA
Rx Current (100 kbps GFSK)10.5 mA4.0 mA
Coin cell compatibleYesYes
Maximum battery life10 years10 years