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How to install SmartThings edge drivers

In the world of SmartThings, an Edge Driver is a crucial piece of code that dictates how the SmartThings software interacts with Z-Wave and Zigbee devices through your SmartThings or Aeotec hub. These drivers serve as the bridge, enabling seamless communication between your hub and your smart devices.

When you set up your SmartThings hub, Samsung provides a set of pre-loaded stock Edge Drivers. The trouble is, they're not compatible with a huge array of devices compatible with SmartThings. For those instances where it is beneficial to use a custom Edge Driver, such as those created by Atrim, you'll want to install a custom Edge Driver. These will typically offer additional functionality alongside better compatibility than the default drivers from SmartThings.

To access and install these custom Edge Drivers, you can navigate to a specific channel page and subscribe to the individual drivers you need. Once subscribed, the driver is automatically downloaded to your hub, and you'll continue to receive updates for it. Instructions on how to do this are below.

How to install a SmartThings edge driver

  1. Using the phone or tablet which has your SmartThings app installed, open the edge driver invitation link in a web browser. For Atrim products, the invitation link is as follows:
    Else, the edge driver link is available from your product's manufacturer. For security reasons, only follow links to and its subdomains.
  2. Ensuring that your browser has opened a link on, sign in using your SmartThings / Samsung account username and password.
  3. Wait while SmartThings loads the Channel Information for Atrim edge drivers.
  4. Click "Enroll". It is possible to install the driver upon multiple hubs; repeat this for any hubs you have as required.
  5. Wait while a connection is established between the SmartThings cloud and your SmartThings or Aeotec hub. This typically takes no more than a minute; refresh the page if necessary.
  6. Tap on the "Available Drivers" button associated with your hub(s).
  7. For each Atrim product you own, tap "Install". For instance, if you are setting up Atrim OmniSensor tap Install underneath the appropriate description. A bug in SmartThings interface may require you to tap install more than once.
  8. When done, close the browser tab.

Now that the driver is installed upon your hub, it is time to instruct the relevant device to make use of it.

How to connect a SmartThings edge driver to a device

  1. Open the SmartThings app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Devices in the bottom menu.
  3. Navigate to the corresponding Z-Wave or Zigbee device within the app. Tap on it.
  4. Tap on the three dot / kebab menu.
  5. Tap on "Driver".
  6. Tap "Select different driver".
  7. Select the appropriate edge driver for the device you are pairing it with.
  8. Tap "Use this driver".
  9. Tap "OK".
  10. Wait while the device is reconfigured to use the new driver.
  11. Follow any further on screen dialogue presented by the SmartThings app.

Should SmartThings fail to load the edge driver for the device, you can remove it and re-install it within your SmartThings system. Upon re-installation, SmartThings should default to using the installed edge driver.

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