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HomeSeer and Z-Wave 800 series - setup and compatability

It's possible to use HomeSeer's automation system with newer Z-Wave Plus V2 automation technology. To do so, you'll need a V2 Z-Wave USB stick, whether it's using 700 series or Atrim Stick's 800 series.

What you'll need

  • Microsoft Windows or Linux already installed and configured. As most users of the Unix platform opt to use Z-Wave with Home Assistant, the following instructions will focus on setting up HomeSeer with Microsoft Windows. Instructions should remain relatively similar however as HomeSeer runs in browser via a cloud connection. We have used Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise edition to create this guide.
  • HomeSeer 4. We have used HomeSeer / HS4 version and its Z-Wave plugin version to create this guide.
  • Atrim Stick, a USB stick based, Z-Wave Plus 800 series controller.

Setup Z-Wave 800 series with HomeSeer

  1. If you have not already done so, install Z-Wave within Windows by following those instructions. As described in those instructions, note down the port number Atrim Stick is using within your Windows installation such as COM3.
  2. Download your registered copy of HomeSeer 4 or, if you'd rather test its capabilities first, download a free trial.
  3. Install HomeSeer by following the on screen prompts and customising it to your geolocation.
  4. Launch HomeSeer through the Microsoft Windows start menu.
  5. Click "Web Interface".
  6. If you receive an error associated with connecting to HomeSeer in the browser (e.g. via, including an error describing a time out, ensure that your system's firewall for inbound and outbound connections is not blocking HomeSeer from communicating.
  7. In HomeSeer's top menu, hover over Plugins and then click "Add".
  8. Click on the Z-Wave plugin. It's typically found as one of the four options under "Featured". If it is not present, search for it in via the "Search Plugin List" tool.
  9. Click "Install".
  10. Once the installation is complete, the Z-Wave plugin will display as Disabled. Use the toggle switch to enable it.
  11. Click the "More" drop down and then click "Manage Interfaces".
  12. Click "Add Z-Wave Interface" under "Z-Wave Interfaces".
  13. Follow the installation prompts;
    1. Set Name as 'Atrim Stick 800'.
    2. Select "Sigma Designs UZB" under Model and then click "Continue".
    3. Select the appropriate port for your Atrim Stick under "Config"; e.g. COM3. If you are unsure how to do this, read the Z-Wave and Windows instructions. When selected, click "Add".
  14. Allow the integration between Atrim Stick and HomeSeer's Z-Wave controller to configure. When it is complete, your screen should read "The Z-Wave interface was successfully added and started. Atrim Stick 800 is now your target interface."
  15. Click "Finish".

Your installation is now complete; 800 series Z-Wave is managing your HomeSeer installation.

Next steps: connect Z-Wave devices

To connect Z-Wave devices to Atrim Stick and HomeSeer:

  1. Click "Plugins" in the top menu then click "Z-Wave".
  2. Click "Add Device" from the menu.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions and the instructions for your chosen Z-Wave product.

A similar set of steps can be used to safely remove Z-Wave devices from your installation as well. Select "Remove Device" in step 2 as opposed to "Add Device".

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