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Connect a Z-Wave product to Atrim Stick and Home Assistant

Once you've setup our Z-Wave stick, you can start connecting Z-Wave devices to it. This will, depending on the type of device, let you use them for automation, environmental-data gathering, and also control them. There are different ways by which you can pair a Z-Wave device to Atrim Stick, and we've broken these down into separate guides:

  1. within Home Assistant
  2. via SmartStart
  3. via standard pairing

Connect Z-Wave product to Home Assistant

Follow this link for instructions on connecting Atrim OmniSensor to Home Assistant.

Connect Z-Wave products via SmartStart

Z-Wave SmartStart allows you to connect devices to Atrim Stick by simply scanning the QR code printed upon SmartStart-compatible devices. The software you're using with Atrim Stick will also need to be compatible.

Connect Z-Wave product via standard pairing

Prior to the addition of SmartStart to the Z-Wave Plus standard, Z-Wave products were securely paired with gateways and Atrim Stick via a manual process. Typically, this was referred to as either pairing, connecting, or including. Nowadays, you'd typically use this method only if the either the software you're using with Atrim Stick, or the device you're trying to install, doesn't support SmartStart.

  1. Set the autiomation software into its ‘add device' mode in order to connect a Z-Wave device to your Z-Wave system. Such a feature may be referred to using terms such as 'add', 'connect', 'pair' or 'include'. If you're unsure of how to access the feature, refer to the software's instructions.
  2. Press the inclusion button on the Z-Wave device which you want to install. Manufacturers refer to this with terms such as 'action', 'inclusion', and 'pairing' button. If you are unsure which button on your device you should press, please refer to its user manual.
  3. With both the software and the device in the appropriate mode, they'll start wirelessly communicating to each other through Atrim Stick.
  4. The software's UI will communicate the status of the process, typically displaying the new device's name or type.
  5. Repeat the previous steps to include any further devices.

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